Mobile Patrol Service
We maintain a fleet of fully equipped and highly visible patrol units.  
Our experienced and energetic patrol officers are ready to get
results at your property.

Patrol Service is a simple concept that works; our mobile patrol
officers will visit from one to five times per night.  

We can lock or unlock facilities, check interior areas, respond to
alarms... whatever you
r need is chances are our patrol team can do
it; all at a price a lot that's a lot less than having a guard sit on your
through the night.

All of our cars are equipped with overhead lights so we can
illuminate dark areas and create a visual presence on your property.

Decal work is reflective for high visibility and a police like image.

Our high profile, high impact image gets results!  Call us today for
more details.
Patrol Service is Our Specialty; We Can Get Results When
Less Experienced Firms Can't.